The hotel De Gantes is named in memory of François De Gantes, Lord of Valbonnette, Attorney General to the King of the Parliament in 1660, who adopted the mansion as his place of residence, to settle in with his family.M. Guion, named as a Revolutioner in 1750, known for his ‘avant-garde’ ideas, Guion, decided to open in the ground floor of his building a circle for the elite of Aix en Provence, similar to that of the English style clubs, fashionable in France during this period. From then on, the building was reffered to as the circle GUION. It finally closed down in Decembre 1790, following the rivalry between the partisans of th old regime and the Movement for Reform. In 1792, the building became a coffee shop named The Cafe Julien, then was renamed the 2 Boys or (les Deux Garçons) which opened in 1840.


  • On behalf of the family Gantès, congratulations for this very successful conversion, and all our best wishes!

    Florent de Gantès , 2012

  • Warm welcome, efficient team always listening and positive enough for the customers. Lively city, young, friendly, yellow ocher buildings very characteristic of the place. We took advantage of the charming ambiance of the streets. The great location All roads lead to the famous Cours Mirabeau. An amateur of touring art

    Annie 2015

  • Fantastic hotel, decoration, location ... Very nice people. A great place to stay.

    Carlos and Bela 2014

  • Good hotel with staff (including the housekeeper) particularly warm, available and responsive to customers.

    Hélène , 2014